When was the last time you did something odd?

invisible is a game which sends you into your public space to play a collective game. With a small group of 8 to 12 people, starting from a short score and account of a previous experience, you carry out minuscule interventions. Together, you create a tiny situation, perceptible but invisible, of which you are at the same time the initiator and the spectator – the spectator of a subtle disarray, a strange, comical, political or surprising alteration. Like a secret committee, you briefly create a kind of poetry of the absurd, whose origin is known to you alone. By playing the game, you will likely become aware of all the potentials intrinsic to being together.

workshop in Goa, 2019 © Cie Yan Duyvendak

The actions proposed are like so many little games. They are inserted into ordinary social interactions to skew them just slightly. They invite us to heighten our attention to what is around us.
Some actions from the series stay invisible for the users of the place and may only be perceived by the players, while others may be felt, perceived or even seen. The point of the experience is to observe and play with the fluctuation between what is felt by the player and the effects on the context. The intensity of what happens varies from the very intense to the almost nothing.
The operational mode here is minor, and puts discreet and collective techniques of action into play. It unfolds far from the heroic figure of the artist and outside of art institutions.
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Idea: Yan Duyvendak
Auteurs: Delphine Abrecht, Claire Astier, Milena Bakmaz, Kiran Bhandari, Jovana Braletic, Rea Burman, Milena Damnjanovič, Rémi Dufay, Yan Duyvendak, Ariedon Gomes, Monica Hofman, Pitambari Josalkar, Katarina Jovanovič, Damjan Jovičin, Merel Kotterer, Sanja Latinovič, Wency Mendes, Grana Velencia Methalaka, Marco Nektan, Phoebe Marisa Pereira, Claire Perret, Keith Peter, Jean-Daniel Piguet, Parvathi Ramanathan, Daphne de Souza, Charlotte Terrapon, Olga Uzikaeva, Jaana van Vliet, Marian van Voorn, Karijn van der Wijk, Mark Yeoman, Milan van der Zwaan